HyperSep Retain SPE cartridges and plates


Versatile polymeric materials for retention of polar, non-polar, basic,
and acidic drugs

Exceptional recoveries for polar and non-polar analytes
High and consistent recoveries High capacity, high purity, highly porous polystyrene DVB material modified with functional groups
– PEP (Urea for polar and non-polar analytes)
– CX (Mixed-mode sulfonic acid for basic analytes)
– AX (Mixed-mode quaternary amine for acidic analytes)
Fast and easy sample preparation and method development pH stable 0 to 14
Retain PEP applications
Drugs and metabolites in biological fluids
Peptides in serum, plasma or biological fluids
Environmental samples
Retain CX applications
Analysis of a wide range of drugs of abuse including basic and neutral drugs Retain AX applications
• Analysis of THC and its metabolites

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HyperSep Retain PEP/CX/AX SPE cartridges

HyperSep Retain PEP/CX/AX 96 fixed well plates

HyperSep Retain PEP/CX/AX 96 removable well plate

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