SureSTART vials and caps accessories

Manual crimpers and decrimpers

Electronic crimpers and decrimping tools

Manual crimpers and decrimpers

Achieve secure, repeatable crimps or remove seals
with minimized risk of damage
Product descriptionRed manual crimperRed manual crimperRed manual crimperRed manual crimperStainless steel manual crimper

Suitable for

8 mm crimp caps

11 mm crimp caps13 mm crimp capscrimper 20 mm crimp caps20 mm crimp


Available packs





Product description_Black manual decrimperBlack manual decrimper_Black manual decrimper
Suitable for_11 mm crimp caps13 mm crimp caps_20 mm crimp
Available packs_  _ 
1/pack_60180-DCR13 60180-DCR11_60180-DCR20

Electronic crimpers and decrimpers

Our electronic Thermo Scientific crimper portfolio includes tools for 8 mm, 11 mm, 13 mm, and 20 mm crimp caps.
The tools provide all important settings like actual crimp power at one glance. The hand-held crimpers and decrimpers allow crimping of vials with aluminium, pressure release and bi-metal caps while remaining in most sample trays.
The crimp head selection includes also special crimp heads for 13 mm and 20 mm flip-off caps, further specials are available on request.
Attach or remove crimp vial seals with high sample security with a simple, one-handed push of a button. Electronic hand-held crimpers and decrimpers The battery charge icon on the color screen of the hand- held tools changes to red when battery is low. Each hand- held tool comes with fully rechargeable lithium ion battery and universal power supply/recharger and international plug adapters.
For steel caps and/or high numbers of crimp or decrimp processes per day we recommend the Thermo Scientific” High-Power Crimp Station as it provides the highest crimping force independent from battery charge status.

Electronic crimpers and decrimpers features and benefits

Tools available for use with 8 mm, 11 mm, 13mm, and 20 mm crimp vial caps
Available as handheld and high-power models
These electronic vial crimpers also feature adjustable settings for best crimp results and a motor with extended lifetime and no particle emission
Interchangeable crimper and decrimper jaw sets for Programmable Electronic High-Power Crimp Stations One hand operation with a simple push of a button
• Error message feedback after the incorrect crimping process
• Adjustable settings for best crimp results
Actual crimp power setting displayed on the color screen.
• 8 different languages available-EN, CN, JA, DE, FR, ES, IT, KO Motor with extended lifetime and no particle emission
• Free hands for faster crimping operations with the adjustable Thermo Scientific Accessory Base for Programmable Electronic High-Power Crimp Stations. (ECRH-STAND)
• Each High-Power Crimper comes with 12-volt DC supply with power cord
• Crimp and Decrimp Heads for the High-Power Crimper are included in the kits or available separately

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