“Precision Electronic Balances Price List October 1 , 2022"

“Precision Electronic Balances Price List October 1 , 2022"


Advanced Performance UniBloc Balances

Provides High-Speed Response and High Stability New automatic door functionality makes weighing operations even more convenient

1. Touchless sensors and Smart Auto Door improve hygiene and lower
contamination risk to provide a superior operating environment

2. An ionizer and adjustable windbreak plate reduce static electricity and
convection effects to provide highly stable and reliable measurement

3. High-Security User Management (All models). Operations can be kept secure with
user ID and password protection. Access rights can be specified separately for each
user to prohibit unauthorized actions such as performing calibration or changing the
settings. User IDs can also be used for barcode management.


Smart Auto Door Improves Work Efficiency

The AP-AD series features automatic doors.
That means operators can continue working without setting
down samples or spatulas which can help shorten overall
measurement times.

Adjustable Opening/Closing Distance Using Automatic Learning Functionality

The automatic doors include automatic learning functionality that enables freely
setting how far to open/close each glass door.
That minimizes external air effects and increases operational efficiency.

Door Open/Close Soothly and Quickly

Door opening/closing time is about one second.
The quick and smooth door action enables stress-free operation

Doors can be opened/closed by three methods, depending on preference.

Open/close by waving a hand
over the left and right infrared
 Open/close by pressing the left
and right buttons on the front
 Open/close using the manual
trigger function
That enables door operation without
touching the balance
 That allows opening/closing doors with
a satisfying click sensatio
 The glass doors open/close automatically
after the doors are moved about 10 mm.
That enables intuitive door operation

More Extensive Commands for Production Line Applications

Computer-Controlled Door Open/Close Operation

This is ideal for managing very small measurement quantities, such
as for controlling coating quantities applied on a production line.

More Commands Compatible with Non-Shimadzu Brands

The list of commands that support opening/closing doors, acquiring weighing
data, or other actions on non-Shimadzu products has been expanded. That
means existing programs can be used more effectively

Suppresses the Effect of Convections

A patent-pending structure around the weighing pan (shield case
and stage) and adjustable windbreak plate are included as
standard features.* These features reduce the effects of
convective currents inside the weighing chamber, which can
occur due to temperature variations caused by air conditioners,
to ensure superior responsiveness and stability.
If weighing papers, microtubes, or other items are used for
measuring, use the included multi-stand accessory.
*Only available on W-AD series 0.01 mg models

Equipped Standard with a STABLO™-AP Ionizer

This ionizer eliminates the influence of static electricity to achieve reliable measurements without requiring tedious steps.
The STABLO-AP ionizer can eliminate static electricity on samples, containers, and other surfaces quickly and easily by
pressing just one button, resulting in increased reproducibility and operational efficiency.
The ionizer uses the AC method to provide superior long-term stability without worry of reverse charging.
That ensures higher measurement reliability than ever before.
The adjustable windbreak plate* and STABLO-AP ionizer are great for weighing samples in the following

Touchless Sensors Enable Hygienic Operation

The balance can be operated without touching the main unit.
That is especially helpful for infectious disease prevention or when handling hazardous substances.
It enables non-contact weighing operations without touching any operating keys. With the multi-function mode setting specified, a total of four different functions can be executed
depending on how long hands are held over the left and right touchless sensors. That is perfect for ensuring safety by not contacting the unit when handling toxic substances and
enables the balance to be operated smoothly while wearing gloves.

Checking the status of function settings
by holding hands over both touchless sensors

Adjustable Internal Windbreak Plate Improves Stability and Response

The windbreak suppresses factors that can cause measurement error, so that stable weighing can be performed by anyone.
Convection and air flow effects can be suppressed by minimizing the weighing chamber volume. New W-AD series 0.01 mg models are equipped standard with an adjustable
windbreak plate inside the main unit. It can be raised or lowered according to the various containers or samples involved to provide the optimal weighing environment.

Height is Easily
Adjustable with One Hand

Height can be adjusted in 5 mm increments.
Optimal conditions inside the weighing chamber
can be prepared by adjusting the height based
on the given containers and samples involved.

Even a specific gravity measurement kit
(SMK-601) can be installed by removing
the adjustable windbreak plate


Internal Windbreak Plate 

The plate suppresses the influence of
convection and airflow within the weighing
chamber to improve the stability and
response of measurement values.

Internal Windbreak Plate Kit
(for W series models with
0.01 mg minimum display value)

Internal Windbreak Plate
(for W/X/Y series models with
0.1 mg minimum display value

Static Electricity Remover (Ionizer)

Freely reconfigurable between
external stand configuration or
installed inside the balance unit.

AP-AD Series Specifications

AP-AD Series Analytical Balances

(Equipped Standard with Smart Automatic Doors and Touchless Sensors)

AP Series

Advanced Performance UniBloc Balances

Provides High-speed Response and High Stability A New Stage in Analytical Balance Performance

The new model with a minimum display of 0.01 mg is released.

High Speed

The response time for trace measurements (from 1 mg) is reduced to about 2 seconds. This significantly improves weighing efficiency.

Stress Free

The STABLO-AP ionizer can be mounted. This eliminates the influence of static electricity, achieving reliable measurements in a simpler procedure.

For Regulation

Interlocking with LabSolutions Balance enables compliance with a variety of regulations for measurement data integrity, including ISO 17025 for testing laboratories, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 for the manufacturing industry, and GLP/GMP and the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) for the pharmaceutical industry.


Functions are included for the preparation of buffer solutions used in HPLC. As a result, the operation can be performed accurately and easily, even by non-specialists.

Save Your Operation

Equipped with USB as standard. Includes many diverse functions to support users.

Fast Response with UniBloc AP Technology

Shimadzu analytical balances boast a one-piece UniBloc weighing sensor, which is now even more advanced. The response time is reduced to about 1/5 the time of previous models.

Stress Free

A variety of accessories and options suitable for semi-micro measurements

With weighing paper, for example, if the tare is larger than the pan diameter, measurements can be simplified by attaching the special multi stand.

Long rod-shaped samples can be measured in a stable state by placing them in the slot in the special multi stand.

Built-in High-Performance Ionizer (Optional)

The STABLO-AP ionizer (optional) can be mounted. (exclude AP-Y Series) This eliminates the influence of static electricity, achieving reliable measurements.

The multi stand can be used freely and easily

A variety of accessories and options suitable for semi-micro measurements

Measuring weights with a pipette can be simplified by placing a micro tube upright in the sample holder in the special multi stand.

The internal windbreak plate suppresses the influence of convection and airflow within the weighing chamber, improving the stability and response of measurement values.

UniBloc Analytical Balances

Basic Model with Improved Convenience

AT-R series

1. Freely set responsiveness or stability

2.Connect with a computer via USB or RS232C
3.Perform stable measurements in combination with ionizer

Features of the AT-R Series

- Easy Settings Enable Responsiveness and stability to be Freely Changed

Responsiveness becomes very important when weighing xed amounts of
powders and liquids. On the other hand, stability is required when weighing
substances in environments subject to drafts or vibrations.
The AT-R balances are equipped with a 5-stage indicator.
It is easy to switch between a response focus (R) and a stability
focus (S) during measurements.

- Equipped with Two Interfaces: USB and RS232C

The balances are equipped as standard with two convenient interfaces for connection with a computer or
PLC (programmable logic controller).
Human error can be prevented by direct transfer of weight values to the computer.

- Addition of an Ionizer Increases Measurement Reliability

The optional STABLO™-AP ionizer (static remover) quickly removes static from samples and containers,
without creating a draft. This prevents reproducibility errors and fluctuations in measurement values due to
static electricity.
The static elimination can be enhanced by placing asks in the AP Holder (sold separately).

UP Series

UniBloc Performance Balances

Superior Response Significantly Increases Weighing Efficiency

High Speed

The display response time for weighing minute quantities (from about ten times the minimum display value) is about one second. That significantly improves weighing efficiency.


Using the highly impact resistant UniBloc sensor minimizes downtime due to malfunctions

Stress Free

The STABLO AP ionizer (optional) eliminates static electricity effects to provide highly reliable measurements without any time-consuming steps.

Superior Response Significantly Increases Weighing Efficiency

Moisture Balances

UniBloc Electronic Moisture Balance


This unit makes moisture content measurements quick and easy
– The moisture ratio is found by heating the sample with the built-in halogen heater to drive out the moisture.
– The measurement procedure is simple. Just close the heater cover to start the measurement (automatic
starting mode).
– Measurements are faster than the loss on drying method using a dryer.
– A USB connector makes connecting to a PC easy (built-in Balance Keys function).
– Equipped with the UniBloc aluminum block mass sensor.


Measure the moisture ratio of even large or large amounts of samples
– The moisture ratio is found by heating the sample with the built-in infrared heater.
– The sample pan measures 130 mm in diameter, which is optimal for large and large amounts of samples.
– Importing results to a PC is easy (equipped with the Balance Keys function).
– Equipped with the UniBloc aluminum block mass sensor

UniBloc Precision Platform Balances

The Shimadzu Precision Platform balances have been engineered with the innovative UniBloc mechanism since 1989. Powerful features
support any imaginable weighing application. BW-K Series includes internal calibration weight.

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