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About Seagull Biotech

This organization was founded by Mr. Madan Singh Dhiman in 2012, who specialises in servicing of HPLC instrumentation and is a chromatography expert himself. He devoted his initial working years to Waters India Pvt Ltd & Shimadzu Corporation as a Service Engineer and achieved great success in both the respective companies. He wishes to assist the Chromatography labs by providing an alternative source of high quality maintenance and repairs (MAKE IN INDIA) to keep our customers jolly and streamline their work further. Shortly after starting the business, he started supplying spare parts and discovered a receptive market for an alternative to the OEM. After a short period of time, the spare parts
business complimented the service team vastly.’

While building their clientele, seagull biotech developed strong relationships with its customers through genuine concern for their needs, which was met by reliable service and highquality spares & support by the in-house team. Our organisation offers and deals in the following products and services.’
1. Thermo Fisher Dionex HPLC , GC & Spectrophotometer
2. Service support for WATERS, Shimadzu and Agilent
3. HPLC SPARE PARTS Equivalent or better for most of HPLC Systems
4. Thermo Fisher HPLC COLUMNS ,GC COLUMNS & Chromatography Consumables.
5. Nitrite and Latex Examine Gloves
6. Mask & Respirators
7. Petri Dish Diposable
8. Solvent/chemical Bottle carrier.
9. Centrifuge tubes
11. Laboratory Instruments
12. Splash kit
13. Refurbished HPLC Systems
14. Lab Chemicals
 ‘It will be our endeavour to give you the best of the best products at economical prices, to satisfy the lab’s needs and provide you with the consumables.’

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