Chromatography has several significant applications in many pharmaceutical sectors and also in the food and chemical industries:- o Creating vaccinations o Food testing o Beverage testing o Drug testing o Forensic testing.
Method Development and Validation
Analytical method development and validation are continuous and interconnected activities conducted throughout the drug development process. The practice of validation verifies that a given method measures a parameter as intended and establishes the performance limits of the measurement.
Sample Preparation
In analytical chemistry, the processes in which a representative piece of material is extracted from a larger amount and readied for analysis. Sampling is critically relevant everywhere that analytical chemistry has a role to play.

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This organization has been founded by Mr. Madan Singh Dhiman in 2012. Madan Dhimans expertise was servicing of HPLC instrumentation and having years of experience working for Waters India Pvt Ltd & Shimadzu Corporation as a Service Engineer, He Wish to provide Chromatography labs with an alternative source for high quality maintenance and repair (MAKE IN INDIA). Shortly after starting the business, Madan Dhiman Supplying sourcing repair parts and discovered a receptive market for an alternative to the OEM. After few years the repair parts business was a good complement to the service side of the company. ……read more

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